∆RCHIVES represents an ongoing torrent of art and content from LEViT∆TE.

The intention of ∆RCHIVES is to give an audience a fully curated central hub of my creative endeavors as well as a place to collect works that are more affordable but still 1/1 pieces. I personally ran into a problem with my creative rhythm: For the most part, I make too much art for every piece to be presented as a magnum opus, and put too much time into each piece to be making collectibles. I just. Make. Art.

No bullshit, no gimmicks, raw creativity. It is my intention from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, to create things with the intention of both expressing myself and moving people. This is the exact reason I need ∆RCHIVES and why ∆RCHIVES will continue to grow regardless of the climate of digital art and NFTs. I’ve always made art and will continue to do so indefinitely. Prior to now, I haven’t had the resources to build a proper home base outside of scattered marketplaces and social media platforms. ∆RCHIVES changes that.

∆RCHIVES is a website to present bodies of work and projects as I finish them, directly from myself to the collectors and the public. Improvements will be made while I learn new things, and collaborate with new people. Transparently speaking, I don’t want to sit here and drum up some sort of "roadmap" and give subjective promises, because making promises has very little to do with what I do and why I’m writing this. I will simply continue to grow as an artist, work with more people, make more art, and do greater things. In doing these things, regardless of collecting, I hope you enjoy it all along the way. This site will not only give you a better look into who I am as an artist but also allow collectors and fans of my work to be involved. If you have made it this far, I already want to thank you and hope you enjoy these first gasps of breath. What’s the point of writing more, when we have art to make.

• Connor